Bearings: Basic Concepts and Design Applications 1st Edición PDF


Bearings: Basic Concepts and Design Applications PDF

Bearings: from Technological Foundations to Practical Design Applications 
provides a modern study of bearing types, design factors, and industrial examples. The major classes of bearings are described, and design concepts are covered for rolling elements, surfaces, pivots, flexures, and compliance surfaces. Fluid film lubrication is presented, and the basics of tribology for bearings is explained. The book also looks at specific applications of bearing technology, including bearings in vehicles, rotating machinery, machine tools, and home appliances. Case studies are also included.

Table of Contents

Section I: Bearing Basic Technology

1. Sliding Bearings and Lubrication Mechanics

2. Rolling Element-Bearing Mechanics

3. Magnetic Bearings

4. Synovial-Fluid Joints—The Body’s Bearings

5. Bearing Monitoring and Diagnostics

Section II: Bearing Design and Application

6. Bearings without Thick-Fluid-Film Lubrication

7. Hydrodynamic Journal and Thrust Bearings

8. Hydrostatic Bearings

9. Rolling Element Bearings

10. Vibration Characteristics of Bearings

Section III: Troubleshooting Case Studies

11. Turbine-Generator Destruction

12. Tilting-Pad Journal-Bearing Pad Flutter

13. Earthquake-Induced-Bearing Damage

14. Refrigerator Compressor Wrist-Pin Bearing

15. Vertical Rotor Random-Bearing Loads

16. Steam Turbine Tilting-Pad-Bearing Retrofit

17. Ineffective Journal-Bearing Pinch

18. Nuclear Plant Pump Rubber Bearings




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