Textbook of Electrical Technology Volume I – Basic Electrical Engineering


A Textbook of Electrical Technology : Basic engineering science in S. I. Units (Volume – 1) By A.K. Theraja and B.L. Theraja covers elaborate matter and comes in an exceedingly multi colored edition to assist each the scholars of electrical additionally as for college kids aspiring for the other branch of engineering.

Summary Of The Book

This multi colored textbook of engineering science is authored by A.K. Theraja and B.L. Theraja to gift the scholars with a book that has all the essential ideas of engineering science coated in its matter. This book is scan by not solely the scholars of electrical and physical science engineering. This book may be a a part of the program for all the disciplines of engineering in several engineering schools across Bharat.

Pertaining to the dynamical competitive world of education, this book holds the proper matter for the aspirants of engineering degree and certification courses. As another advantage, this book holds a matter bank of the past 3 to four years of engineering exams with the solutions, in order that the scholars will simply confer with this book as and once needed.
This edition of this A Textbook of Electrical Technology : Basic engineering science in S. I. Units (Volume – 1) discusses and presents elaborate descriptions of the varied ideas and principles of engineering science in simple to grasp English. the varied ideas of engineering that area unit mentioned during this book area unit D.C. Network Theorems, electrical phenomenon and Ohm’s Law, physical science, Magnetism and Electromagnetism, Capacitance, Magnetic physical phenomenon, magnetic force Induction, chemical science Power Resources, A.C Fundamentals, electrical Instruments and Measurements, complicated Numbers, Parallel A.C circuits, Series A.C circuits, A.C Network Analysis, A.C Filter Networks, A. C Bridges, Circle diagrams, Harmonics, point in time Circuits, series, Symmetrical elements, Transients, Introduction to power Generation, and Work, power and energy.
A Textbook of Electrical Technology : Basic engineering science in S. I. Units (Volume – 1) will be Associate in Nursing advantageous for the scholars World Health Organization area unit following or aiming to pursue the other branch of engineering like mechanical, textile, environmental, industrial, info technology and lots of a lot of. This book can even be utilized by students World Health Organization area unit following their certification in varied technical courses.

About The Authors
A.K. Theraja and B.L.Theraja have authored 2 alternative books along referred to as the ABC’s of engineering science, and A Textbook of Electrical Technology (Volumes – two) : AC and DC Machines Volume – 2 (SI Units).

B. L Theraja has authored books like Basic Electronics: Solid State, Fundamentals of en
gineering science and physical science, Basic physical science and parts of Electrical and engineering.



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